SEO Specialist And Entrepreneur

As a multi-disciplinary online marketer I have over eight years of demonstrable experience in a variety of industries. I’m primarily a SEO specialist, and my agency provides related services.

On the side I also build (and sell) authority websites using organic traffic.

Currently living and working in Dublin, Ireland.

Client Results

Here’s some recent results I’ve created for clients through my SEO agency.

Ranking a fitness site for a huge keyword

For a site in the fitness industry we were asked to build links to a high quality page on the site.

Based on our recommendations the client produced the necessary content, then we used email outreach build about 20 legitimate backlinks over the course of 2-3 months.

The result: first page rankings a keyword with huge search volume.

Adding $14,873 revenue with 18 backlinks

For a personal finance/investing site we optimized and built links to a specific page that generates good revenue.

With slight changes to the page alongside high quality link buliding, we increased organic traffic by over 80% within a few months.

This leads to an extra $14,873 in revenue for our (very happy) client!

Nearly 100 backlinks, and still growing...

When we work together with site owners that produce amazing content… great results happen.

This client in the home & garden industry builds great content on their site, which has helped us to build nearly 100 quality backlinks over the course of about 8 months.

As you can see from the graph on the left, the combination of great content and quality links has produced staggering organic traffic growth.

"Traffic and revenue are steadily climbing each month"

“Working with Jason has been great! My goal this year was to really focus on growing my site through content and links. Being able to plug Jason’s link building in with my content have done wonders for the site. Traffic and revenue are steadily climbing each month.

I wouldn’t hesitate working with Jason and his team, it has been a great experience.” – Josh B.

"steady search traffic growth for 4 consecutive months"

“Jason and We Outreach helped turn our search engine traffic from a slow decline back to growth. Jason has gone above and beyond in providing helpful tips and ways to improve our content.

We have seen steady search traffic growth for 4 consecutive months, and Jason and his team are a big part of that.” – Ben R.


Here’s the services I provide through my agency:

  • Full service SEO
  • Email outreach link building
  • SEO audits
  • Keyword research
  • SEO strategy/consulting

Disclaimer: My expertise and current solid client base allows me to be selective about taking on any new clients.

For any additional clients, the main considerations are that I need to be sure I can be of value, that my services can make a sizeable impact on your business, and that I‘ll get compensated accordingly.

"a great communicator and very enjoyable to work with"

“Jason is the guy I always turn to when I need the advice of an outside consultant about a general SEO or link building-related issue. Besides his deep knowledge of link building he has a breadth of experience in most facets of online marketing, from SEO to PPC, affiliate marketing and authority sites. On top of that, he is a great communicator and very enjoyable to work with. For anyone looking for a consultant who truly understands what he’s doing, he comes highly recommended.” – Tom V. R.

"a great service for site owners"

“While this isn’t the cheapest way to get links, it IS a method that will never get you into trouble. Jason and his team do high quality, 100% white hat outreach. It’s the links you would build yourself if you had the time and expertise. In my experience, the quality started off at a good level and increased as you spent more time in the service. This is a great service for site owners who already earn from their sites and want to take it to the next level. It’s always a pleasure to work with true professionals.” – Ben P.